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My Mixtape Monday – September 5, 2016

First Name: Renee
Twitter: @Naywatch
Sex: Female
Age: 24

Occupation: Researcher & Future Physician’s Assistant. I do science.

Mixtape Name: Want/Need

Side A
1) When You Were Young by The Killers
I could have very easily picked whole albums from The Killers since they are my absolute favorite band since 2004 (I know every lyric to every song they have made & I am fully aware that it’s a sick, sick obsession). When You Were Young, Tidal Wave, and This River is Wild might be my ultimate favorite songs by The Killers.
2) Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo
UGHHHHH I love Oingo Boingo. I’m convinced I was born in the wrong era due to my adoration of 80s music. So, the lead singer of Oingo Boingo was Danny Elfman and he’s pretty much composed all of the best soundtracks and TV theme songs known to man. Check them out.
3) Lonely Town by Brandon Flowers
Yeah, had to throw Lonely Town in there. Brandon Flowers is my idol and this song is fantastic. Totally about a stalker but, hey, who hasn’t been in that position before. Ah, unrequited love why doth thou hurt me so. (Someone please punch me in the face after this.) *** link in document ***
4) Something to Believe In by Young The Giant
Young the Giant is another favorite band of mine. They just released a new album called Home of the Strange and I can’t recommend it enough. The lead singer has the voice of an angel.
5) Beast of Burden by The Rolling Stones
Beast of Burden, um classic. I will never get sick of this song. I love old rock, too. I wish I could have thrown some Hendrix and Foreigner in this mixtape but there isn’t enough room! I’m also missing a ton of Bowie songs that I love.
6) Coming Over by James Hersey, Dillon Francis & Kygo Remix
If you don’t follow Dillon Francis on snapchat, then you are sorely missing out. He and his friends that make up the DJ group Phantoms are insanely hilarious and I would give my left arm to hang out with them. Also, I pretty much can fall in love with anyone that quotes Dumb and Dumber, too. And this song is lit.

Side B
7) Is this Love (Bob Marley Cover) by Allen Stone
Allen Stone is a beautiful human being. I talked to him after one of his concerts because I showed up late (my nephew was being born so kind of couldn’t miss that) anyways. Nicest man ever, got a picture with him and everything and then we talked about our English bulldogs and how they’re the best dogs in the world. Yes, they are. If you disagree, then I hate you.
8) Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys
Do I Wanna Know; I can do my angry strut to this song. Man, if looks could kill – I would be in jail. Also, Sam Smith does a killer cover of this song- definitely worth a listen.
9) Concrete by Tom Odell
Off his second album, Tom really gets me in the feels with this song. So cute and emotional.
10) Warm On A Cold Night by HONNE
HONNE just released their LP and there are some great tracks on there as well. Warm on a Cold night is one of those songs you can blast on a chilly night with all of the windows down and cruise around, just falling in love with all of the lights of the city.
11) Cry Baby by The Neighbourhood
Love this song and how cool the lead singer’s voice is. It’s like feminine but not and super attractive and sexy. I don’t know I’m weird.
12) Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison
Had to include my favorite karaoke song! I either sing Return of the Mack or Lovers and Friends by Usher, Lil John and Ludacris.

Spotify Playlist Link: Want/Need


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My Mixtape Monday – June 8, 2015

First Name: Jaci
Twitter: @thejacim
Sex: Female
Age: 29

Occupation: Accountant and kula

Mixtape Name: Who and What I Love

Side A
1) Let’s Be Still by The Head and the Heart
2) Fight Song by Rachel Platten
3) Coming For You by The Offspring
4) Just Another Girl by The Killers
5) Old Money by Lana Del Rey
6) GDFR by Flo Rida

Side B
7) The Way It Was by The Killers
8) Country Roads by John Denver
9) Million Dollar Man by Lana Del Rey
10) Old Time Rock n Roll by Bob Seger
11) Don’t Stop Believing by Journey
12) Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

Liner Notes: Side A is songs I’m currently obsessed with. They are on my Spotify play list and I don’t often skip them. My favorite teacher at my yoga studio plays “Let’s Be Still” most days during savasana so it just reminds me of relaxing and peace. The next three are my sing at the top of my lungs in the car ones. I adore The Killers so they make an appearance on both lists. The same with Lana. “Old Money” is off her newest album and it’s a haunting song. As for “GDFR,” let’s not look too far into this one. I like this song. I don’t know why but I like it. I’m embarrassed to type that.

Side B is all songs that remind me of people and places. I will always love these songs. John Denver is a nod to my Pap Dave. He loved John Denver and would always sing it to us. “Old Time Rock n Roll” is part of one of my earliest memories of my dad. We “danced” to this at a wedding when I was like three. Journey, oh where do I begin? I have so many great bar memories with great friends while singing this song and my last half marathon (that I PR’ed in!) was playing this song as we ran into the finisher’s shoot. I love this song. It instantly makes me break into a smile. Pink Floyd is an odd ball. I love the movie “The Wall” and this is one of my favorite scenes from it. Plus I feel like there have been times where I was just comfortably numb to the garbage happening around me. I’m not saying I turned to drugs as the song references, I’m just saying I get it.

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My Mixtape Monday – February 16, 2015

First Name: Adam
Twitter: @AdamWHermann
Sex: Male
Age: 20

Occupation: Freelance sports writer, college student, intern with the Philadelphia Eagles. Sports, writing, and sportswriting.

Mixtape Name: Movement

Side A
1) K/Half Noise by Mum
2) Chess by Petite Noir
3) It Is What It Is by Blood Orange
4) Can’t Do Without You by Caribou
5) Push Pull by Purity Ring
6) Seasons (Waiting on You) by Future Islands

Side B
7) This Is Your Life by The Killers
8) Monday by Wilco
9) Digital Witness (Darkside Remix) by St. Vincent
10) Depak Ine by John Talabot
11) Murmurs by Hundred Waters
12) Bugs Don’t Buzz by Majical Cloudz

Liner Notes: I like to listen to music by album, so creating a playlist, or in this case a mixtape, has never been my strongest skill. But when my father and I go on road trips – more often than not from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, or the return trip – we do this thing we call “music blocks” where he chooses an artist, and I pick four songs from that artist. Then I do the same, and I choose the songs. (He’s driving). We try to play off the other’s selections and transition, not always choosing obvious transitions but typically with a common connector in mind.

For this playlist I went with what I’ve been listening to in the past month, the albums – and singles – that I’ve been jamming to on the way to and from (and during!) work. I tried to make the transitions in the same way my father and I do, both between each song, and between the two sides.

Side A has a more common thread of sinewy, danceable electronic pop; Petite Noir and Blood Orange share similar organic instrumentation, where Purity Ring and Caribou have a more synthetic electronic sound.

Then I bridged the gap between Side A and the far more eclectic Side B with Future Islands’ excellent rock n’ roll influences, connecting it to The Killers’ This Is Your Life, an all-time jam from an all-time favorite band.

Side B started a little bit more rock n’ roll-influenced, but the great thing about rock n’ roll is that it can be done so many ways, as Annie Clark proves time and again with St. Vincent. The Darkside remix of Digital Witness skewed us back towards the electronic spectrum of things, where John Talabot and Hundred Waters bring us some Eastern-influenced electronic music.

Hundred Waters’ Murmurs adds a little extra dark to the mix, which flows straight into Bugs Don’t Buzz, my favorite song from Majical Cloudz on a record released in 2013 but that topped my play count in 2014.

In the end, this mix is generally electronic, because that’s what I generally listen to, especially right now. Not what you’ll hear at big electronic festivals, though. Because, as I hope this playlist shows, there’s so much more to the umbrella of electronic than big drops and robot noises.

Spotify Playlist link: Movement

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