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My Mixtape Monday – August 1, 2016

First Name: Teylor
Twitter: @teylormorgan
Gender Identity: Female
Age: 23

Occupation: ICU Nurse

Mixtape Name: Time-hopping

Side A
1) Jump by Kris Kross (1992)
2) Mr. Jones by Counting Crows (1993)
3) Pony by Ginuwine (1996)
4) Show Me Love by Robyn (1997)
5) Stop by Spice Girls (1997)
I actually WAS a Spice Girl when I was little; they are probably my all time favorite group ever. PLEASE have a reunion, Spice Girls.
6) No Scrubs by TLC (1999)

Side B
7) All For You by Janet Jackson (2001)
Janet Jackson was my first concert ever when I was 10 years old, only because Michael Jackson wasn’t on tour.
8) Señorita by Justin Timberlake (2002)
Justin Timberlake was my second concert ever which my Dad so graciously endured for me.
9) Dirt Off Your Shoulders by Jay Z (2003)
10) We Are Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift (2012)
11) Love Never Felt So Good by Michael Jackson (2014)
Speaking of Michael Jackson, my favorite songs unfortunately were all released before 1992 so I chose this song from his album of unreleased songs, Xscape.
12) Roses by The Chainsmokers (2015)
I am Chainsmokers obsessed and if you haven’t heard their music you need to check them out right now!

Liner Notes: Making this playlist was WAY harder than I thought. I’m a nurse so I only work (maybe) half of the Mondays in a year, but for everyone else who sadly has to go to work every Monday – here is the perfect uplifting playlist for your work day. And since I was born in 1992, I decided to pick songs that I love from then up until now. J

Apple Music Link: Time-hopping



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My Mixtape Monday – May 25, 2015

First Name: Chelsea
Twitter: @chelseancummins
Sex: Female
Age: 24

Occupation: Marketing Coordinator

Mixtape Name: The Stars Tell of Spring Returning

Side A
1) Everything is Alright by Motion City Soundtrack
2) Moving On by Mat Kearney
3) I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers
4) Polaroid by Imagine Dragons
5) Obey Your Guns by Matrimony
6) Some Nights by Fun.

Side B
7) Hey Now by Matt and Kim
8) Want to Want Me by Jason Derulo
9) You Are In Love by Taylor Swift
10) Fourth of July by Fall Out Boy
11) Shut Up and Dance by WALK THE MOON
12) Collapsible Lung by Relient K

Liner Notes: What is it about spring that changes your outlook on life? We are creatures ruled by the seasons, with playlists to match. As the weather turns cold, our music turns melancholy. When the sun returns, we run to music that makes us feel alive. Makes us feel as if the world could be whole again. Makes us feel like we’re going to be alright.

The mixtape title describes the track selection perfectly, but only with the proper context. ‘The Stars Tell of Spring Returning’ comes from a line in the musical ‘Spring Awakening.’ If you aren’t familiar, the show is a coming of age story set in late-nineteenth century Germany featuring characters dealing with themes that transcend to today: sex, depression, feeling unloved and suicide. After a small village is scandalized by these things, the protagonists sings the penultimate song, accompanied by his now dead friend and girlfriend, ‘Those You’ve Known.” It builds from anger and sadness to hope and belief that there is still goodness in the world and instead of dwelling, you must move on:

“All alone
But still I hear their yearning
Through the dark, the moon, alone there, burning

The stars too
They tell of spring returning
And summer with another wind that no one yet has known

They call me
Through all things
Night’s falling
But somehow I go on”

This leads into ‘The Song of Purple Summer,’ where he is joined by the whole cast as they sing about hope for the future. If you want to feel something in a musical, I suggest ‘Spring Awakening.’ All the feels plus a great soundtrack courtesy of Duncan Sheik.

Some of the songs included are relatively new, while others top of the list of my favorite songs. The common thread is the feeling I have when they play. I believe music should stir some emotion within you, and the 12 tracks selected never fail.

Side A is more about the personal journey of growing up, challenging yourself and embracing your youth. They resonate with me as someone entering my mid-twenties who is just discovering who they are. Side B, however, is all about love.

Full disclosure: I’m single and a hopeless romantic, but the songs on Side B tell me what it’s like to be in love and to both want and be wanted by someone. Some are silly, but I think that’s the charm. Love is goofy and I think every complicated female (read: every female) wants someone to meet them and relay the ideas back. It’s ok that we aren’t perfect because someday, we might be spotted across the dance floor and fall in love right there.

Like I said, hopeless romantic.

These are the songs I blast in my car when I’m alone with the windows down. They remind me I’m not alone. They tell me it’s ok to feel all these things. They let me know God still loves me and is planning something great. It’s impossible to remain downcast with this playlist.

Spotify Playlist: The Stars Tell of Spring Returning

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My Mixtape Monday – February 2, 2015

First Name: Terri
Twitter: @freshgratedparm
Sex: Female
Age: 33 (I celebrate 29 over and over)

Occupation: Creator of www.parmesanprincess.com, Pittsburgh food consultant, recipe developer, journalist, live cooking demonstrator.

Side A
1) Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton
2) Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam
3) Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
4) That’s Amore by Dean Martin
5) Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin
6) American Girl by Tom Petty

Side B
7) Beautiful Day by U2
8) I Wish by Skee-Lo
9) Don’t Stop Believing by Journey
10) Drive By by Train
11) Clocks by Coldplay
12) New York New York by Frank Sinatra

Liner Notes: I come from a musical family of music educators and professional musicians. I learned from a young age to feel music. These are the songs that bring back feelings and vivid memories from different parts of my life. Rock out, sing it loud, cry, laugh, enjoy! Ciao!

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My Mixtape Monday – December 1, 2014

First Name: Saragrace
Twitter: @OXtriSARAtopsXO
Sex: Imma lady
Age: 18 and a beauty queen.

Occupation: Ballerina of the Night

Mixtape Name: graceless

Side A
1) Sarah Smiles by Panic! At the Disco
Because even though it’s spelled wrong, my name is Sara and I live in my own world.
2) Katie by The Space Pimps
Because even though it is also spelled differently, my dancer name is Katy. Katy is like the best parts of Sara. I didn’t know what I was missing until I meant Katy. And I really like the Space Pimps.
3) Ready and Willing by New Found Glory
Because I am so ready to get the fuck out of here.
4) Annie by Safety Suit
Because while I was battling my eating disorder this song reminded me that looks don’t make the world go round.
5) I Don’t want to Grow Up by The Ramones
Because growing up is fucking awful. I just paid a gas bill for the first time and I cried.
6) Selfless by New Found Glory
Because if I have to grow up I want to live selfless. I made a pledge to never grow up a bitter dinosaur.

Side B
7) Lithium by Evanescence
Because mania is beautiful and I never want to forget how it feels without lithium. I’ll take the crazy highs and lows of manic depression over being a medicated zombie any day.
8) The Worst Pirate Song by Ceann
Because honestly it just makes me smile!
9) I Lived by One Republic
Because I hope I can own every second this world has to give.
10) The Best Day by Taylor Swift
Because this song makes me think of my Tantie who is the only person I can say has been there through it all. When I had no one, I had her.
11) Red High Heels by Kellie Pickler
Because this song reminds me that all men suck and I’m a bad ass bitch who has way too many pairs of red high heels. And I have a thing for powerful lady country singers.
12) Counting Stars/The Monster by Boyce Avenue
Because I really hope I’m not counting ones forever and I have monsters just like you. Also Boyce avenue is just really cool group.

Spotify Playlist link (minus the Taylor swift because she sucks): graceless

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