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My Mixtape Monday – June 27, 2016

First Name: Kate Mickere
Twitter: @katemickere
Sex: Female
Age: 28

Occupation: Writer // Assistant at Comedy Central

Mixtape Name: Obsessions

Side A
1) Ram On by Paul McCartney
2) The Love Cats by The Cure
3) Wig in a Box by Hedwig and the Angry Inch
4) Jesse by Carly Simon
5) Beast of Burden by The Rolling Stones
6) Hey Ya by Outkast

Side B
7) Long John Blues by Dinah Washington
8) Let’s Spend the Night Together by David Bowie
9) Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush
10) Teeth by Lady Gaga
11) Another Day by Paul McCartney
12) Me & Liza by Rufus Wainwright

Bonus Track (since it’s not on Spotify): I Can’t Wait for Christmas to Come by The Loose Tapestries

Liner Notes: “Life is nothing if you’re not obsessed.” – John Waters

Confession: I’ve basically only been listening to podcasts and Paul McCartney’s Ram for the last year or so. Instead of hiding this (possibly) worrying behavior, I’m going to embrace it… with a playlist full of my musical obsessions.

Side A is a sampling of my current favorites. These are the songs that I just can’t get out of my head. Note: “Hey Ya” is just as delightful now as it was in 2003, when I was trying to avoid my homecoming date and only came out of hiding to dance to this song. (Sorry, Steven.)

I’m so obsessed with the songs on Side B that I’ve actually put them into plays I’ve written. From singing “Long John Blues” in my one-woman show Sprinkles & Shame at the Playground Festival at Carnegie Mellon to the current play I’m dreaming up about Liza Minnelli and Bianca Jagger being disco friends, these songs have inspired me in countless ways.

Bonus: Is it weird to listen to a Christmas song in June? This one is too delightful to be confined to a calendar. Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno and Mighty Boosh comedian (and my imaginary boyfriend) Noel Fielding teamed up to create a surrealist Christmas song that features a rap from Idris Elba. I’m swooning.

Spotify Playlist Link: Obsessions

Apple Music Link: Obsessions

Mixtape - Pastel

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Songs of the Weekend – Benz Friendz (Whatchutola) by Future feat. Andre 3000

Despite barely rapping much over the past ten years, Mr. Andre Benjamin is still regarded by most hip-hop heads as one of the best emcees outchea. On Future’s Benz Friendz, he shows why:

I told the girl I’m ‘bout to sell the Porsche, I’m tired of it
She go and told these folks I’m goin’ broke, a smile poured
From my lips, cuz if I’m broke, it’s only hearted
Broken records from broken English, that’s all it
And if I were, why would you throw a party?
Affection is so convenient when ballin’
Correction: these hoes don’t mean it when fallin’
I guess that’s why Lois can’t be with Clark Kent
Fly on a n*gga back while he Superman
But if I’m in a wheelchair, you still there?
Stop searchin’ for words, I feel stupid man
The sh*t is the Pittsburgh, I still care
White button downs and Emory scrubs
Had to write her birthday down cuz my memory sucks
But this sh*t comes back up like some acid reflux
Or a Michael Jackson jacket with some plastic zippers
I was zippin’ through the city and I don’t give a f*ck
1994 Toyota Land Cruiser because
That b*tch ain’t never broke down on me, why would I do that to her?
Simple is it, symbolism, I’ll pull up at a club
And might not never buy a new car again, if I can help it
Cause if I buy one they gon sell ten, then what I’m left with?
Throw a n*gga one on the strength, then we might could talk
Til then, I’mma ride my f*ckin’ bike, or walk

‘Nuff said!

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My Mixtape Mondays – September 9, 2013

First Name: Elizabeth
Twitter: @BeezusKiddo
Sex: Female
Age: 30

Occupation: Business disputes lawyer

Mixtape Name: The Ultimate Workout Mix Tape of Songs You Forgot About

Side A
1) Ignition Remix by R. Kelly
2) Flip Flop Rock by Outkast ft. Killer Mike
3) Ladykillers by Lush
4) Emotions by Mariah Carey
5) Violet by Hole
6)1 Thing by Amerie

Side B
7) Hemorrhage (In My Hands) by Fuel
8) We Run This by Missy Elliott
9) Burnout by Green Day
10) Through the Wire by Kanye West
11) Best of You by Foo Fighters
12) Regulate by Warren G & Nate Dogg

Liner Notes: This mix tape is full of those energizing songs that at some point you loved but managed to forget about over the last few years. Nothing energizes me like hearing a song I forgot about, and I wonder why on EARTH am I not listening to this more often?! The first and last songs are slower paced for your warm up & cool down, but the rest of the mix is perfect for a concrete-ripping cardio blast. WE RUN THIS.

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Songs of the Weekend – Pink Matter (remix) by Frank Ocean feat. OutKast

The Pink Matter Remix proves that sometimes you just can’t have too much of a good thing. Big Boi joins the already André 3000-assisted track by Frank Ocean and ends up elevating it from a great song to classic status. The song begins as a slow burn, with Mr. Ocean crooning melancholic introspection about vajayjays and the meaning of life. The bass and drums don’t kick in for almost two-and-a-half minutes, and they’re quickly joined by a cooler-than-a-polar-bear’s-toenails verse from Big Boi. His lyrics add the perfect amount of playful raunchiness to the proceedings that the original lacked.

Doesn’t matter if she want to be with me, so it’s cool
I’mma make her call me B.B. King because I give her the blues
But not on purpose, though, she was the perfect ho
-stess, when I come over, we would do the grossest
Most beautifulest things on a bed of roses
It would be the coldest when you hit the hardwood floor
We sippin’ Yak, not mimosas
She’s in my naked lap, going ham like she supposed to

André 3000’s verse shows why he can still be considered one of the most talented rappers in the game despite a criminally low amount of output in the past five years.

Since you been gone I been having withdrawals
You were such a habit to call
I ain’t myself at all had to tell myself naw
She’s better with some fella with a regular job
I didn’t wanna get her involved
By dinner Mr. Benjamin was sitting in awe
Hopped into my car; drove far
Far’s too close and I remember, my memories no sharp
Butter knife, what a life, anyway
I’m building y’all a clock, stop, what am I, Hemingway?
She had the kind of body that would probably intimidate
Any of ‘em that were un-southern, not me cousin
If models are made for modeling
Thick girls are made for cuddlin’
Switch worlds and we can huddle then, Who needs another friend
I need to hold your hand, You’d need no other man, We’d flee to other lands

Though it may not fully satiate your OutKast reunion appetite, the Pink Matter Remix does do a great job highlighting each of its contributor’s talents and is a stellar addition to your iTunes library.

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