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My Mixtape Monday – August 1, 2016

First Name: Teylor
Twitter: @teylormorgan
Gender Identity: Female
Age: 23

Occupation: ICU Nurse

Mixtape Name: Time-hopping

Side A
1) Jump by Kris Kross (1992)
2) Mr. Jones by Counting Crows (1993)
3) Pony by Ginuwine (1996)
4) Show Me Love by Robyn (1997)
5) Stop by Spice Girls (1997)
I actually WAS a Spice Girl when I was little; they are probably my all time favorite group ever. PLEASE have a reunion, Spice Girls.
6) No Scrubs by TLC (1999)

Side B
7) All For You by Janet Jackson (2001)
Janet Jackson was my first concert ever when I was 10 years old, only because Michael Jackson wasn’t on tour.
8) Señorita by Justin Timberlake (2002)
Justin Timberlake was my second concert ever which my Dad so graciously endured for me.
9) Dirt Off Your Shoulders by Jay Z (2003)
10) We Are Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift (2012)
11) Love Never Felt So Good by Michael Jackson (2014)
Speaking of Michael Jackson, my favorite songs unfortunately were all released before 1992 so I chose this song from his album of unreleased songs, Xscape.
12) Roses by The Chainsmokers (2015)
I am Chainsmokers obsessed and if you haven’t heard their music you need to check them out right now!

Liner Notes: Making this playlist was WAY harder than I thought. I’m a nurse so I only work (maybe) half of the Mondays in a year, but for everyone else who sadly has to go to work every Monday – here is the perfect uplifting playlist for your work day. And since I was born in 1992, I decided to pick songs that I love from then up until now. J

Apple Music Link: Time-hopping



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My Mixtape Mondays – July 28, 2014

First Name: Marie
Twitter: @lifeontiptoes
Sex: Female
Age: 30

Occupation: Professional Nerd

Mixtape Name: A Life in 12 Measures

Side A
1) Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf
I learned all the words when I was 8. My mom used to yell at me for singing this, I really don’t understand why she would be upset about an 8 year old singing about teenage sex.
2) The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson
This is my favorite MJ song. Love to sing along to it loudly, whenever and wherever it comes on.
3) It Was a Very Good Year by Frank Sinatra
I’m a huge fan of Old Blue Eyes, his voice here, swoon.
4) Hey Jude by The Beatles
Who doesn’t love the ‘Na Na Na Na’ part? People with no souls, that’s who.
5) The Age of Worry by John Mayer
Okay, I know. He’s a total douchebag. I get it. I do like some of his songs. This one gets me.
6) Army by Ben Folds
This one takes me back to college. The cool kids were listening to Usher and I was in love with the skinny piano player.

Side A
7) Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell
All the feels. Sometimes you just need to have a good, ugly cry, right?
8) Jackson by June Carter and Johnny Cash
Old memories of a summer full of road trips and singing songs with that one guy.
9) Gone by Nsync
I will always love Nsync. Shut up.
10) Dickhead by Kate Nash
My favorite ‘Dudes suck’ pro chick anthem.
11) Imma Be Alright by Thicke
Before Robin Thicke was Robin Thicke, he was just Thicke, the long haired hippy. He was so much cooler back then. This is one of my go to Shake Your Booty songs.
12) Twentysomething by Jamie Cullum
When I heard this one at 23, I was all ‘This is my JAM’. I listen to it at 30 and I’m reminded I still haven’t it together yet.

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Elisha Explains It All…Episode V

Welcome to an all-new episode of Elisha Explains It All – with special musical guests Michael Jackson, Kanye West and Ray J!

Facebook “Asks About Your Relationship Status”

This week, Facebook launched a new feature – the “ask-if-someone-is-in-a-relationship-because-they-didn’t-specify” button.

Oh well, here we go.

There will now be a seamless opportunity for anyone to plainly ask if you’re available. Not quite sure what Facebook is thinking with this one. Maybe they want to be the new Match.com?

Facebook has already done a lot to help the creeps of the world find you by disabling the “unsearchable” feature – now they want to lower the security barriers even more.

As for this new feature: #dafuq? Why do people need to know your relationship status?

The lone bright spot is that I’m looking forward to any request I get so I can screenshot the thirsty dude’s “message” and post for the entire world to see. Watch out boys! I did something similar on Twitter one summer, and it was highly entertaining among my friends.

My relationship status is: following my wife around Bed, Bath & Beyond while tweeting about tacos…

Hologram Michael

The best performance from this past weekend’s Billboard Music Awards was a hologram Michael Jackson* that surprised everyone and took over Twitter. Among the spectrum of feelings, I think that it ranged from “cool” to “creepy.” Between this and other recent holograms** (ODB at Rock the Bells), I guess it’s safe to say that this technology is now here to stay. Welcome to the future, people!

* There is now a lawsuit pending against the Jackson estate and the Billboard producers because the technology used to create Hologram M** possibly infringed on a patent by Hologram USA. They were the ones that created the Tupac Shakur hologram for Coachella 2012.

* I wonder if a Hologram MJ is less creepy than real life Michael since he can’t physically touch you… yes, I did just bring that up. #sorrynotsorry

I wish someone would create Hologram Alex and send him to Bed, Bath & Beyond with my wife Saturday night so I can stay home and watch Pacers/Heat…

Ray J’s Wedding Gift to Kim K. and Kanye

I can’t even stop laughing… Ray J supposedly told the K’s that he is giving them a wedding gift! How sweet of him! You wanna know the best part? The gift is money – specifically four months worth of profit from the sex-tape that originally made Kim (in)famous. Cue: started from the bottom now we here!

I’m actually really curious to find out how much money the gift will be. Last time I checked, you can download their “movie” off of most torrent sites for free. (Not that I’ve seen it – but friends have recommended it!) Just remember that if you do go ahead and download it, make sure your computer (and yourself) gets checked for viruses. Stay safe out there ;)

I’m also going to donate four months worth of profit from my Hologram Alex/Hologram Anna Nicole Smith sex tape to the Kimye union. Mazel tov!

Well, if you don’t know, now you know! If there are any other subjects you want Elisha to cover, please tweet her (@helloElisha) with the hashtag #askElisha.

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