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My Mixtape Monday – July 11, 2016

First Name: Addi
Twitter: @addiful
Sex: Female
Age: 36

Occupation: Senior Business Technical Analyst at HM Health Solutions, singer/songwriter with The Telephone Line (@TeleLinePgh)

Mixtape Name: Single It Out

Side A
1) What You Don’t Do by Lianne La Havas
2) Fifty Bucks by Meeting of Important People
3) Water by Ra Ra Riot
4) My Baby Don’t Understand Me by Natalie Prass
5) Part One – Hey, No Pressure by Ray LaMontagne
6) Just Sayin/I Tried by The Internet

Side B
7) Love Like That by Mayer Hawthorne
8) Limit to Your Love by James Blake
9) Walk of Shame by Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes
10) Jackrabbit by San Fermin
11) One by Esperanza Spalding
12) Karma by Lady

Liner Notes: It’s hard to say what has changed my approach to new music over the years. In my youth I’d discover an artist and devour their albums whole. Nowadays I hear a song on WYEP, in a bar, from the local scene, or even in a commercial (I know, I’M THE WORST) and latch onto a line of lyrics.

I Google it and check Spotify with my eyes closed and fingers crossed. The ones that survive this rigorous process <EYEROLL> land on a playlist with the other singles. And voilà: an ongoing (and hopefully eclectic) playlist. Occasionally a single will hit me so hard that I can’t resist the full album (Lady’s “Karma” introduced me to one of my favorite albums of all time) but most of them remain orphans.

Maybe technology is to blame for my lazy one-off listening, but I’m convinced that’s just how it goes when you’re working full time and keeping a bunch of bands afloat on the side. These 12 tunes are mostly just from the last few years, but the playlists I’m slowly accumulating reflect a broader range of pop/rock from various decades. Here are the links for anyone who may want to check them out:

Spotify Playlist Links: Singles 1, Singles 2, Single It Out


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Songs of the Weekend – The Wilhelm Scream by James Blake

The Wilhelm Scream is almost too weird to be good. The music lacks anything resembling a catchy melody, the vocals are heavily panned and the lyrics are not especially clever or even delivered with much energy. Somehow James Blake puts it all together and delivers an ethereal masterpiece of minimalistic UK R&B.

The backdrop does build-up from long synth notes and syncopated drum machine patterns to include additional pulsating keyboard lines and heavily reverbed noises. This wall of sound ultimately causes the vocals to get lost in the mix. However just before the cacophony becomes too much, the music drops backs down and lets the words breathe once more before the song ends.

I don’t know about my dreams
I don’t know about my dreamin’ anymore
All that I know is

I’m fallin’, fallin’, fallin’, fallin’,
Might as well fall in

This song is a challenge to listen to at first but eventually you’ll get past how different it seems and start to fall in love with it.

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