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The Village Melt – Sewickley Borough

Restaurant: The Village Melt

Location: The intersection of Beaver and Walnut Streets (aka Beav’nut Corner).

Atmosphere: The chalkboard menu, seat-yourself dining area and illuminated marquee created a relaxing space that promoted fun over formality.

Menu: A multitude of “melts” that covered everything from fancy grilled cheeses (w/ Fontina, Gruyere, etc.) to classic sammiches (Reuben, BLT) to custom hamburger creations.


Food: Though politically I consider myself “liberal af”, when it comes to grilled cheese, I’m less progressive than the Governor of North Carolina. Therefore I scanned over the surfeit of creative melts looking for the most basic one I could find. I settled on The Lola. It arrived ten minutes later, and it was definitely love at first sight.

The melt consisted of fresh mozzarella, tomato, arugula and pesto sandwiched between two huge slices of buttery bread. A generous helping of fries on the side guaranteed that my pants top button would be put to the test for the rest of the day.

Unsurprisingly, everything was mighty delicious. I mean, its grilled cheese and French fries so the bar is pretty low since it’s almost impossible to screw those two things up*., but regardless errthang was scrumptious!

* Unless you’re me. I once dumped an old bag of frozen French fries into a deep fryer and I almost ended up looking like Deadpool.

Service: It took me about two minutes to order and pay so there really wasn’t much time to build much of a relationship with the guy behind the counter. I guess he seemed ok enough.

Final Call: The only thing that could make The Village Melt a better lunchtime destination is if they were located in my neighboring cube. Highly recommended!

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The Yard Gastropub – Shadyside

Restaurant: The Yard Gastropub

Location: On Bellefonte Street across from the William Penn Tavern*.

* We arrived in Shadyside early and had time to grab a beer at the ‘ole tavern. Our waitress wasn’t sure what the drafts were, but after squinting my eyes enough to see the taps from where I sat, I decided on a selection with the Ithaca emblem. It turned out to be their Embrr Rye (American Porter 6.60% ABV), and boy was I pleased ‘cause it was AMAZING!!!

It was super-creamy with a deep brown color, and although it definitely packed a punch, the subtly sweet hints of milk chocolate made what could have been a kick in the ass seem more like a flirtatious smack. The draft was big as hell too, I swear it must have been in a 20oz glass ‘cause I was already feelin’ hella good by the time I finished.

Atmosphere: The bar side of The Yard reminded me of a really nice frat house basement. The adjacent restaurant area was sparsely decorated but did enough to provide a perfectly serviceable speakeasy-vibe. What stood out the most about the place was how f*ckin’ loud it was*.

* Complaint to be continued in the Final Call section.

Menu: A full gastropub complement of burgers, sandwiches and craft beers, with an emphasis on grilled cheeses.


Food: Our group started with the poutine appetizer to split, and I went with an Evil Genius Pure Evil (Oatmeal Stout 5.60% ABV) draft to wash it down. Continuing my beer-selecting luck, the stout was fan-f’ing-tastic*. The poutine was closer to potatoe chunks than normal French fries, but were scrumptious nonetheless due to their gratuitous toppings of gravy and beer cheese.

I was probably a little drunk by time I got around to eating my entrée (Cheesy Capresey), but from what I remember it was the most decadently delicious grilled cheese I’ve ever had in my life. It was cheesy and greasy and reminded me of what a slice of “O” pizza could be if it got exposed to gamma radiation like the Hulk.

* The beer had a nice cocoa undertone that was in perfect harmony with a full host of other bitterly sweet flavors (roasted nuts, coffee, and molasses). Seriously, this and the Embrr were the tastiest new beers I’ve tried in a long time and I can’t wait to get drunk on them again.

Service: We were seated promptly and the waitress was nice enough so it’s all good here.

Final Call: Continuing my gripe from above – We were seated in the dining area at 7:30pm on a Friday night and the music was way too f*ckin’ loud. Between that and the echoing basement-like acoustics, it was nearly impossible for our group to converse with each other. Though I would never recommend The Yard as a good place for a date or small group, my grilled cheese was just too excellent and the beer selection too awesome for me to totally turn my back on it.

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