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My Mixtape Monday – August 8, 2016

First Name: Forrest
Twitter: @bipedalbiome
Gender Identity: Female
Age: 26

Occupation: Vendor Operations Associate

Mixtape Name: Stay Up, Go Out, Get Heavy

Side A
1) Don’t Sing by Data
2) All Tomorrow’s Children by The Spits
3) The Anthem by Onra
4) When It Rain by Danny Brown
5) Just As The Day Was Dawning by Big Business
6) When Christine Comes Around by Grudge

Side B
7) Poppycock by Rudimentary Peni
8) Wriggle by Clipping
9) Vacant Moan by O’Death
10) Self Destruction by Radium Girls
(only available on Bandcamp, I used You Better Not Stay Sick by Robot Has Werewolf Hands in the Youtube playlist)
11) Seamstress by Dessa
12) Torture by Running For Cover

Liner Notes: I chose songs with darker subject matter that you can also shake (or pogo or mosh) a butt to. This is music that reminds me that it’s okay to be a hateful little ball of stress and rage, just do your best to channel it into something constructive.

YouTube Playlist Link: Stay Up, Go Out, Get Heavy

Mixtape - Gothic

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Songs of the Weekend – Grown Up by Danny Brown

Danny Brown is beloved on the independent hip-hop scene because of his witty braggadocio, old school delivery and distinctive hipster visage. On Grown Up, he touches on his formative years growing up in Detroit and offers up a slew droll lyrics:

Remember when my first meal was school lunch
Now I spit a 16 straight with no punch
Remember all for dinner all we ate was Captain Crunch
Now we blow big blunts on the way to brunch
Went from good fella to commissary slips
Now I got back up man every time I slipped
Never ever quit, I just kept on pursuing
Teacher always ask me, what was I doing
Scribbled in my notebook and never did homework
Low attention span, guess these Adderall worked

The breezy beat is reminiscent of the Pharcyde or Hieroglyphics, and the scratched sample during the chorus further cements the song’s classic hip-hop feel. A charming, reflecting sentiment and inoffensive lyrics make this song a perfect fit for your summertime cruising playlist.

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