My Mixtape Monday – November 30, 2015

First Name: Nick
Twitter: @SexCpotatoes
Sex: Male
Age: 34
Measurements: Just Kidding

Occupation: Sponge Mixer at a large commercial bakery

Mixtape Name: Untitled

Side A
1) Winter by Lail Arad
2) Sterilize by Drag The River
3) Dr. Frank/Jill by Mr T Experience
4) Good Old Girl by Marian Call
5) Dr. Bernice by Cracker
6) Going To Marrakesh by The Extra Glenns

Side B
7) Raindrops and Diamonds by Kingbenny
8) Student Loans Prologue & Student Loans by Pro Audio
9) National Disgrace by Atmosphere
10) Hell Yes by Alkaline Trio
11) Wine In A Box by Black Cat Music
12) Don’t Pray On Me (Bad Religion Cover) by William Elliot Whitmore
13) I’ll Get There by All

Liner Notes: Good morning, people at my auditory mercy,

To try to make a playlist that explains ME would be an exercise in futility, a slipshod dissertation on the duality of man, and a sonic disaster of epic proportions. Plus, can anyone ever truly explain themselves? So instead, enjoy this eclectic bunch of hand-picked tunes that only somewhat flow well into each other, with some rationalizations thrown together about them masquerading as a blog post.

The reason I picked Lail Arad’s Winter to start off with is because it is a great song, and the lyrics are perfect for this time of year as The Time Change has just had its wicked way with us. Also, people don’t like to be alone during the approaching holidays, and they like to stay warm and spread disease.

Drag The River is one of my favorite bands and Sterilize is one of their tracks that just kind of stands out as different from all the rest, with cryptic lyrics and moaning guitars throughout, it asserts that there are hidden depths to plumb in the most mundane of playlists. Check out Amazing G., Death of the life of the party, and the punk songs they covered like All-In-All which works really great as a slower country-like song.

I love The Mr T Experience, all those songs about heartbreak and/or standing together against the world, “A sex-alliance against society” as Dr. Frank put it in his book King Dork (“High School is the penalty for transgressions yet to be specified.”) and in King Dork Approximately, the sequel. I highly recommend everyone read them both, you’re in for a hell of a treat. I also recently bought the live-track album ‘The Way It Sounds Like‘ and it’s on semi-permanent repeat right now for my on-the-way-to-work listening.

What can I say about everybody’s favourite Alaskan, Marian Call? I have all her songs, the album ‘Got To Fly‘ is a great introduction to her stylings and has all sorts of Battlestar Galactica (Good Old Girl) and Firefly (It’s good to have Jayne on your Side)-inspired songs. There’s also a really good Thanksgiving Vs Christmas special I’ve been listening to that’s seasonally appropriate and fun (link here).

Also, don’t put Christmas In L.A. on the holiday shuffle list unless it’s an adult party. Not that kind of adult party.

The Extra Glenns (Also see The Extra Lens) is a Mountain Goats side project (I could have seriously done an all-MG playlist deeper than whaleshit for this thing). John Darnielle, like Dr. Frank, has been writing, and I must say this lyricist-cum-author shtick is one of the best ideas ever invented in the history of mammal-kind. Everyone should read Wolf In White Van. Also, his latest album is Old-School Professional Wrestling Themed/Inspired. Amazing stuff. Plus, at in the abstract, who doesn’t want a love that refuses to die?

Ah, Bad Religion, the cover album Germs of Perfection is pretty great, and while the anti-Christian message is in full effect on Don’t Pray On Me, you have to love that most brilliant of lines — I mean seriously, you can literally shut down and shit all over just about any Conservative argument ever just by saying — “Everybody’s equal, JUST DON’T MEASURE IT.” Try it at Thanksgiving, if any of the nut-bar relatives try to talk politics.

Finally, All. NO ALL! Worst name for a band ever, try searching ALL on the internet without prefacing it with ‘The Descendents’ and you’ll never find anything by them (on any music service either). I really see this as a hopeful song, and I hope everyone remembers that Christmas is in the dead of summer in the southern hemisphere (like Australia). Their Santa goes surfing in shorts.

Anything not explicitly mentioned above is included just because it’s a good song. I tried to fit in songs and artists that would be new and hopefully interesting to listeners. You can find more than a few gems on the Netlabels Internet Archive section.

Thanks for listening, and thank you Alex for having me. (Not that way.) -SexC

YouTube Playlist Link: Untitled


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