Pittsburgh Guest Blogger Event 2015

Welcome to the third annual Pittsburgh Guest-Blogger Event! This year’s affair is super-sized with forty bloggers taking part in total. I am thrilled to host Shannon, the wonderful woman behind A Librarian’s Lists & Letters. I was lucky enough to be able to guest blog (or more accurately, guest podcast host) over at the AP Collection, where I chatted with the lovely Genevieve about art n’at.

Don’t forget to check out all the other participants’ links at the end after reading Shannon’s awesome post!


Last year during this blog swap I wrote about how I became an Unexpected Mother. There is a sweet and wacky little toddler that lives with us fifty percent of the time, though his mark is left on everything from our sad hearts, to the toy-littered floors, to the piles of laundry one-hundred percent of the time. A year out from my public discussion about being an Unexpected Mother, I’ve slept a little bit and learned a lot.

When I found out that my name was drawn for Alex’s blog this year, I sort of struggled with what to write about. Alex is wittier than me and doesn’t quit at yoga. He actually runs marathons, where I choose to just take long walks around my neighborhood. Plus he manages to eat a whole lot of pizza. Though I’m willing to bet that I have him beat on eating chips and salsa. Oh, and he’s a champion husband and father. Seriously, I’m in awe of how he’s managed to lean in and have it all. Have you looked at his Instagram account? He makes it all look so easy!

I can’t say that we have it that put together at our house. Being a parent who only sees their child fifty percent of the time brings about its own version of balance. And it’s filled with positives and negatives. But one thing I’ve realized is that fun certainly differs depending on whether we’re on-the-clock or off it. It’s not that one version is more fun than the other. They are, in fact, entirely different. But both are equally important to making a shared custody family and an unexpected relationship work. Even if I get overwhelmed by the amount of reminders on my Google Calendar or sad about the things we always inevitably miss, there is a whole lot of fun happening at our house.

Here is a list of activities that count as fun in our house. It’s just the life and times of shared custody. I’ll leave it to you figure out what happens when.

Dancing to Laurie Berkner.

Watching hockey, even though our beloved Pens are barely keeping it together.

Running in circles. Literally.

Running in circles. Figuratively.

Watching HGTV marathons.

Opening a bottle of wine and actually finishing it.

Chasing after the cat.

Roaring at trucks and cars.


Eat ‘n Park.

Taking long walks around the neighborhood.

Visiting the fish at the zoo.

Meeting friends for weekend drinks.

Building with Mega-Blocks.

Reading library books.

Kissing stuffed animals.

Sleeping in past 7:00 am.

Singing assorted nursery rhymes.

Push buttons.

Waive at neighbors.

Cook a meal that doesn’t involve pasta.

I recognize that having shared custody gives us a lot of free time* that parents who are with their children all of the time don’t seem to have. But we don’t really have the luxury** of calling up a babysitter for a night when he’s here. Every family has their struggles and triumphs. But even without this toddler in my life, I believe in living life with the goal of making good stories to tell. And having as much fun as you can.

*Free Time is something that everyone over the age of 25 chases. No matter how many children (or lack of children) live in your house.

**Babysitters by nature are a luxury item for parents. But when you only have a child half of the time, it seems harder to justify the cost and time away from family time.


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