Round Corner Cantina – Lawrenceville Neighborhood

We didn’t plan on going out. It was just one of those nights where we didn’t already have a firm meal plan for dinner and the ready-to-make options in the freezer were not at all appealing. Sometimes it seems like the person that stocked the fridge is different from the person that is actually going to end up eating what’s in there!
After staring into the freezer for a few minutes and waiting for something delicious to materialize out of thin air, I decided to see if my wife would like to go out to eat instead. I broached the question to her when she arrived home from work at 6:45pm and much to my surprise she said yes!!! Actually that response wasn’t shocking at all…my wife would go out to eat every night if we were rich and she wouldn’t gain any weight. Though not our first choice, we attempt to eat-in during the work week since it’s such a regular activity on weekends.  But this night was making a fine argument to be an exception to that rule, with the sun-shinin’ and us already lookin’ forward to the upcoming holiday weekend.

We arrived at the Round Corner Cantina and wanted to dine al fresco around back but unfortunately it was full. We hungrily retreated to the front sidewalk where there were a few tables set up. It was probably ten minutes before someone made us aware that you had to order at the bar, so I hastingly made my way to order a.s.a.p. because my wife has a really hard time maintaining her high level of pleasantness when she’s famished.  

I ordered a Coronado Orange Ave Wit (5.2% ABV – Witbier) to help wash down the chips and salsa we ordered for a starter. The chips were really good and greasy and the salsa was just OK – mushier than most but tasty nonetheless. The beer (or bier?) was refreshing and overall pretty solid and luckily wasn’t much of a punch to my near-empty stomach.  It has less of a fruity orange taste than I expected, but that’s not necessarily a bad attribute. I would definitely order it again on a hot day, but I don’t think I’d buy a six-pack or a case for home because I can’t say I loved it.

I got the Taco Pescado (fried fish tacos) for dinner and they were very flavorful, albeit a bit messy. The tacos came in a double shell configuration, with the outside being freshly fried (I’m assuming). This tasted great at the time but I blame them and the chips for giving me a slightly nauseated feeling the next morning. Next time I’ll pat the fried surface with a napkin a bit more to try and alleviate the after-effects. That’s not really the most manly act to be caught doing in public, but effit!

Overall the food and drinks were good, and a fun night was had by my wife and I. The ambience in the Lawrenceville neighborhood is really happening right now and this night didn’t disappoint. We were flanked on the right by a large group of lesbians (not a group of large lesbians, just normal-sized), and on the left side there were some biker-hipsters sitting close to their vintage fixies. You can’t ask for a much hipper environment than that on a Wednesday night in Pittsburgh!

Final Call: Highly recommended for a fun bar-food night with friends or a later date (not a first date – the food’s too greasy!)

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